This is why April and Arizona have left Grey Anatomy last may

Voilà pourquoi April et Arizona ont quitté Grey'Anatomy en mai dernier

The showrunner was that there was too much characters…

Evictions brutal Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw are still struggling to pass. While season 15 of “Grey’s Antomy has just begun, the lack of April and Arizona is already being felt. And the showrunner, Krista Vernoff, is compelled to justify himself :

“Listen… I came back in the production of Grey’s Anatomy, in the season 14. And I was part of for the season 7. In the meantime, the cast had exploded and when I took the orders, we had 14 regular members ! It is a number impossible to manage in a series. There was never time to ask a story. This was not manageable“, she explained to Variety.

Callie could (eventually) come back one day in Grey’s Anatomy

“I have therefore taken decisions complicated and difficult last season. But there are still 10 more regular in the series, which are there since a long time and it allows me to bring a few guest stars from time to time, when it is ready. The guest stars are often the key to keep the stories refreshing and vibrant, and give a new energy on which one can bounce back.”

Except that the problem is less the cup within the casting, the characters chosen ! And face the wrath of the fans, Vernoff admits that she has struggled to cash in : “At the beginning, I made the mistake of going to see it on Twitter, to read the reactions of people. It was very violent and I took it personally. And then I talked to John Wells, who is a bit of my mentor. When I told him that I did shoot him, he just laughed and asked me what I did on Twitter ! And Shonda Rhimes has me generally said the same thing…”

“You can’t stay sane on Twitter, because a person without a job could spend all day to get you off. And this can become very demoralizing, and as an author. Your mind is really affected by what is written…”

Season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy continues every Thursday night on ABC and in France on MyTF1.

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