Thousands of Internet users declared war on Google: we’re being followed

Тысячи пользователей сети объявили войну Google: за нами следят

Google monitors users

Thousands of Internet users around the world tried to abandon Google services. On deGoogle community on Reddit, where they share their successes and failures noticed by Business Insider. Users are sure that Google “takes too much upon himself”, and creates a monopoly by using their services in various fields.

Тысячи пользователей сети объявили войну Google: за нами следят

According to supporters of the movement, people should not be trusted with such a powerful Corporation. The goal of “de-Googlers” to avoid transferring any personal information to Google. This includes refraining from services such as Google search, YouTube, Gmail and many others. However, to abandon these services are quite hard, given that they significantly facilitate our communication.

Тысячи пользователей сети объявили войну Google: за нами следят

Thread deGoogle appeared in 2018 and now has nearly eight thousand users. “We believe that the impact of Google on society is dangerous because it is uncontrollable. To spy on people to this extent is not normal and it shouldn’t be. Each of us needs to control the technology with which we interact, and not Vice versa”, they say. Earlier, Google read the emails of users without their knowledge, and pass this information to third-party companies to create ads based on your interests.

Recall that Google decided to save Gmail users from one of the popular service. Of course, we are talking about the Inbox, which previously enjoyed great popularity. It is reported that the service allowed to automatize the work of a huge number of services that were not linked. However, for normal users it’s not such a big loss, while corporations will lose millions in damages.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple is losing profit, and this time in China. It is reported that the Chinese prefer to buy cheap smartphones from Chinese manufacturers instead of buying expensive handsets from Apple Corporation.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft had started the race for mobile gaming with Google. It is reported that the Corporation will launch a streaming service that will allow you to play all the games on the smartphone. Will this system work properly, only time will tell.

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