Time for change: the EU voted to abolish the transfer clock

Время перемен: в ЕС проголосовали за отмену перевода часов

daylight saving time

On Tuesday, 26 March, the European Parliament voted to abolish the practice of daylight savings time 2021.

EU lawmakers voted in favor of the abolition of the practice of seasonal time changes. The vote is not the last word in resolving this issue, but it will become the basis for discussion with member countries of the European Union for the preparation of the final law. About it reports Reuters

Время перемен: в ЕС проголосовали за отмену перевода часов

Since 2001, EU legislation has demanded that all countries block the observance of daylight saving time, moving clocks forward one hour the last Sunday of March, daylight saving time, moving the hands back one hour on the last Sunday of October.

Note that the practice of the clocks was first introduced during the first world war to save energy.

In September 2018 the European Commission has proposed to abandon this practice after a survey of EU citizens showed that the vast majority in favor of the abolition of the seasonal transfer hours. At the same time, supporters of the transfer clock has criticized the fact that 70% of respondents were Germans.

Время перемен: в ЕС проголосовали за отмену перевода часов

However, in favor of this decision says that scientific studies have linked changes in time with the cardiovascular and immune systems because they interrupt the biological cycle, and that saving energy in this way was ineffective. This is stated in the report of the European Parliament.

It also indicates that after the cancellation of transfer hours, EU countries will not be able to do it yourself, but will give them the right to decide what time zone to be in.

We will remind, this year the Ukrainians transferred the clock one hour forward to 03:00 with a 30 to March 31.

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