“Time traveler”: “Godlike” people will fly to Mars in 2030

“The time traveller” said that India will create a “godlike” people who in 2030 colonize Mars.

«Путешественник во времени»: «Богоподобные» люди полетят на Марс в 2030 году

In a new online video published on the Youtube channel ApexTV, the self-proclaimed “time traveler” by the name of Noah claims that he came back from 2030, in order to “spread the truth about time travel and the future of India”. Noah said that in the future India will develop better technology than US, and completely “change the world”.

“In 2030, people in India will have chips in the body. This chip makes the brain is on average six times more powerful than usual. I already have a chip on your wrist, which allows me to travel in time, but so far I have no brain chips,” said Noah. Also the man said that India will solve the problem “overpopulation” and in 2030 will send humans to live on Mars.

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