Tina blew up a network of half-naked photo: Balano lucky to have such a woman

Тина Кароль взорвала сеть полуголым фото: Балану повезло с такой женщиной

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol showed footage of a candid photoset. Semi-Nude pictures of celebrities has caused a storm in the network. Reports Clutch.

Carole shared in your profile in Instagram shots on which posing in lingerie. The singer, wearing a lovely combination with a deep neckline and high-heeled shoes. It is worth noting that Tina did not dare to show the public the “whole self” and shyly hid behind the cloak.

Fans were delighted with the photos and bombarded Ukrainian beauty compliments.

“Bomb”, “You are beautiful”, “What beautiful legs and Breasts… wow Tina super”, “Sexy and sexy !!!Stunning Tina !!!!!”, “Space”, “Very sexy”, “Very beautiful !!!”, “That’s pictures. Oh. Who got lucky with a woman like that)” — write in the comments.

Others are unhappy with the fact that a talented artist earns popularity is the nudity.

“On the edge ,on the razor’s edge”, “Sweet Tina, you can still wait??”, “And this Jewish girl?!!!”, “Tina you’re a believer, do you like the look of a whore!!???”, “Immodest, it’s not your way”, “Why is the icon to be naked?”.

Recall the famous Ukrainian singer, coach of the show “Golos Krainy” Tina boasted a very gentle photo shoot in colorful dress with a deep neckline. So, the actress posed sitting on the chair, sensuously, eyes closed and mouth open.

Earlier Znayu reported, the famous Ukrainian singer and the coach show “Golos Krainy” Tina Karol showed rare photos from the most important person in my life. Stories in Instagram, the singer appeared it combines the 10-year-old son Benjamin.

Also Znayu wrote Tina Karol showed the picture, which poses the image of an alien, at least so it seemed to some fans of the star. The photo that appeared in the account of the star, posing in an unusual outfit in the framework of a photo shoot for the Ukrainian edition of the fashion glossy Vogue.


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