Tina climbed between Gorbunov and Osadchaya: one is good, two is better

Тина Кароль влезла между Горбуновым и Осадчей: одна хорошо, а две лучше

Leading “voice of the country” Yury Gorbunov started flirting with singer Tina Karol in front of wife Katya Osadchaya. This sends Clutch.

Gorbunov published on his official page in Instagram provocative pictures in beautiful ladies: the wife Katya Osadchaya and the famous singer Tina Karol.

“One is good, two is better”, — has signed a frame anchor.

It is not known what I wanted to say this Gorbunov, most likely just a joke. It seems that Osadciw not confuse a little flirtation of her husband in the side of great colleagues.

In the comments fans suggest Yuri to take two beauties and poured out compliments.

“Gothiciii”, “where’s Dana?”, “Very good”, “Beauty”, “All very beautiful”, “Incredible”, “Most beautiful”, “Uraaa you look gorgeous surrounded by our Krasny”, “Ahoghill”, “Signature bomb”, “get Married , only his wife should live in full abundance , in diamonds and emeralds” — write to subscribers.

Earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol showed a photo on which poses in sensual and gentle manner.

Тина Кароль влезла между Горбуновым и Осадчей: одна хорошо, а две лучше

Tina Karol

The photo that appeared in the account of the star, posing in an unusual way. For the photo shoot Tina even revealed some parts of the body, but leave room for the imagination. Her Frank denim bodysuit that bares the cleavage, but also emphasizes the lush bust. From the shoulders of the actress subsides beige plaid coat. Her hair down for a natural makeup.

The fans did not remain indifferent and asleep compliments a new photo of Tina Karol, and her seductive sensual image.

Remind me again why Tina can’t let go of her late husband.

Earlier Znayu reported by Ani Lorak quarreled fans photos flat stomach.

Also Znayu wrote Tina blew up a network of half-naked photos.

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