Tina Karol was bitten in the broadcast “voice of the country-9”: a strange story was in the video

Тину Кароль покусали в эфире "Голос країни-9": странная история попала на видео

Before the performance of a participant with team Tina Karol – Artem Liski, which the singer “stolen” from the Moldavian artist – she turned to his colleague and said that now he sees what it is so catchy.Their flirting is expected intervened Potapov, who asked them, their “canguros”. Namely, since Dan Balan called Tina a show. To which the couple replied that they will not disclose all the cards.

During the performance of the participant, who played the hit rapper Drake, the coaches began to dance, and Balan too blaskapelle to the Ukrainian. He kept his head and, so as not to miss the moment, bit Carol than her sickly confused.

I you don’t come nearer, “said Tina, Dana, and then landed in the arms of the captain, who said he regretted that he had bitten Carol.

Tom, what have you done to me? You got me real feelings. So many releases I wanted to keep it all just for you“- (he turned to Tina),- “But what happened to me during this song. I bit her, and she immediately complained to the bear, “commented their actions Dan Balan at the end of the street. “A bear,” he called rapper Potap.

“Let me bite Dan Balan – fourth” – commented on the speech by Alexei, indicating which chair he’d put Artem.

“Tom, I’m glad you were more relaxed. You need a vibration from the audience. So you see that this is not just a competition, because you just saimese, and what is the viewer. Want to always you bathed your tone, you have a very beautiful voice,” said Tina, and invited the guy to take the fourth chair, sliding him Daniel, Odnoralova, reports TSN.

Recall that Karol is not a joke alarmed fans .

Previously, the portal Znayu reported that the singer lit ample Breasts in bed: tenderness and sexuality in one bottle.

Also, Znayu were informed that Carole conquers Ukraine in shorts and no bra.

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