Tina Kuniaki gave birth to Vincent Kassel third child

Тина Кунаки родила Венсану Касселю третьего ребенка

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel

Second wife of French actor Vincent Cassel, whose first wife was Monica Bellucci, 21-year-old Tina Kuniaki gave birth to her first child. This was announced by the actor Vincent Cassel on his page in Instagram. And he did it very original.

So, the ex-husband of Monica Bellucci on Valentine’s Day published a nice “Emoji” pregnant woman who like Tina Kunaki, at 13:41. “Happy Valentine’s Day, my” – signed picture Vincent. Many fans immediately guessed what had happened and began to congratulate the actor with a replenishment of the family. By the way, Kassel already has two kids from Monica Bellucci and Tina’s baby was the first.

I must say that the news of the pregnancy was a complete surprise for fans of the star couple. Officially, pregnant wife fans learned at the beginning of 2019. Kassel welcomed the New year with his young wife in the state of Bahia in Brazil. From there they decided to tell the good news about the new addition to the family.

Kuniaki posed Nude on the beach and showed rounded belly. “The happiest New year,” said 21-year-old girl in the caption to the photo, which was published in his Instagram. After news of the pregnancy, model Tina Kuniaki has not hide his rounded belly, posting a rather provocative photo. Vincent Cassel also decided to share with fans a video from his beloved.

“Obvious what happened”, “Congratulations, Mr. Kassel, From Kassel, I would also bore”, “happy Valentine’s Day” “And who gave birth to that?”, “Heartiest congratulations”, “Congratulations, how are they?” “Congratulations with replenishment”, “Congratulations, handsome, funding! I wish you happiness!”, “Congratulations! The third child from the second wife and the end is not yet! Be more kids, I’m sure!”, “Congratulations, my good. Love you!”, – write fans.

We will remind, Vincent Cassel and his young wife came off well after the wedding.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the young wife of Vincent Cassel immediately after the wedding appeared in a bikini.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Vincent Cassel told how he met 21-year-old wife.

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