Tired Lesya Nikityuk showed the fate of the traveler one photos

Уставшая Леся Никитюк показала судьбу путешественника одним фото

Lesya Nikityuk

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which reached the finals in the show “dancing with the stars,” but did not win, often shared with subscribers in Instagram new pictures and news from his stellar life. So, this time she posted a new photo, which appeared before the fans in a mysterious way.

In the photo, which appeared in the account of the star, posing in the Paris airport, sitting at the window with his Luggage. Les appeared on the overview of the audience in the narrow gray jeans and black hoodie with text print on top of which he threw a black jacket. On her feet white sneakers, on her head large headphones. Hair TV stars disbanded, and on her face a light makeup and fatigue.

In the caption, Les nikitiuk wrote: “I Love airports! Charles-de-Gaulle after may feyvorit of Boryspil. Briefly: Les, stores, croissants… and music through your headphones from Sony @allo”. Geolocation to a photo indicates that they were made in the Paris airport. Fans are not passed by and began to actively discuss the new photos of TV stars. Followers fall asleep nikitiuk compliments and wishes, and even some jealous of her travels.

“Beautiful,” “what headphones play?”, “What kind of music I like to listen to, if not a secret?”, “You are beautiful, you have a very kind heart”, “Love”, “Class. And what is the worst airport you have a huge experience?”, “Just, You weren’t there the night of the transplant yet, and so Charles De Gaulle is beautiful!”, “My favorite airport and my favorite city”, “What a beautiful, Beautiful memories from the airport Charles de Gaulle!”, “Have a nice flight”, “so Cool!”, “Positive beautiful people!” “Les, you’re so wonderful” – write in the comments to the photo.

Recall, bright Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed the Carpathians green coat.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed Dubai bold way.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Lesya Nikityuk do what he likes in the airport.

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