To a decrease of the wicked movie with scars

Vers une diminution des méchants de cinéma avec des cicatrices

The British Film Institute will no longer fund this type of film.

The British Film Institute (BFI) has decided to no longer fund the movies where the bad guys have scars on the face. The idea is to combat the discrimination that often affect people with stigmata visible : “The cinema is a catalyst of change and that is why we are committed to do more to show representation of negative scars or facial differences in the films that we are funding “, assured the Telegraph’s Ben Roberts, deputy director general of the British Film Institute.

The BFI supports the campaign #IamNotYourVillain, launched by the association Changing Faces. “The film industry has enormous power to influence the public about the diversity, and yet the film too often use the scars and the different appearances, to illustrate the wickedness “, assures Becky Hewitt, director of Changing Faces. Darth Vader, Scar from the Lion King, the Joker… The examples are actually multiple. “It is particularly worrying to see that children do not make this association as long as they are not exposed to films that negatively influence their attitude towards people disfigured “.

To show its commitment, the BFI has also announced that it would fund the film Dirty God, a drama about a woman who tries to rebuild itself after being attacked with acid. The main actress will be Vicky Knight, herself a victim of severe burns.