“Toad strangling of the fittest”: endorses greed Galkin Pugacheva and waiting for her death – a chain

Humorist, aware of the greed of his wife, not even trying to persuade her to have treatment.

«Жаба душит сильнейших»: Галкин одобряет жадность Пугачевой и ждет ее смерти - сеть


Recently, Alla Pugacheva has ceased to go out in public, what really alarmed her fans. A few days ago, the singer announced that due to illness was unable to sing for the audience at the concert of Leonid Agutin. Infidelity and upcoming divorce with Maxim Galkin finally “finished off” sick diva, which, moreover, was left alone with the children, as the comedian will return from a tour only November 18. Alla Borisovna in a difficult moment threw even her daughter Kristina Orbakaite, who, judging by her video Stories, flew to the US to Galkin.

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«Жаба душит сильнейших»: Галкин одобряет жадность Пугачевой и ждет ее смерти - сеть

Pugachev left with nothing because of the Jewish roots Galkina – fans

The artist in the blood responsible handling of finances, in contrast to the prima donnas, according to the fans.

It is not excluded that Pugachev patient self-medicates as it is simply a pity to throw away money on high-quality medical care. Greed divas, which saves on treatment, can only hasten its demise. Most likely, the comedian knows about the greed of the spouses deliberately refuses to persuade her to start treatment – premature death Pugacheva will play into the hands Galkin, who has long been waiting for his elderly wife will leave this world, sure network.

The death of the singer will resolve all controversial issues, because of which the divorce will take a long time and will make showmanship the owner of a fabulous castle in the village of Mud. In addition, Galkin does not have to sue the diva for the children. So Maxim endorses the greed and the wife calmly responds to her poor health, having fun in the USA with Aguilera.

Approval Galkin Pugacheva avarice confirms his phrase, uttered during the show “Thank God you came!”. During improvisation, the comedian ended the parable yogis interesting phrase: “Toad strangling of the fittest”. The statement emerged at the head of the showman with an ulterior motive – perhaps in this way he hinted at the demise of Alla, whose avarice exceeded all his expectations.

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