Tom cruise was denied a role because of small stature and smaller hands

Body type did not allow the actor to play Jack Reacher in the new movie.

Тому Крузу отказали в роли из-за маленького роста и небольших рук


Writer Lee child, whose novels make a film about the shadow man, refused Tom cruise in the role because of the small stature and small hands. In the books, Jack Reacher is six-foot male of large stature with huge fists, resembling saucers. According to Lee child, Tom cruise is not suitable for this role because of the physical data. He says that Jack Reacher needs to have a frightening appearance. The writer praised Tom cruise for professional skills. The writer called the actor a very talented man, but he just doesn’t scare the audience, when he comes into the room, so take him as Jack Reacher is not possible.

Growth Tom cruise is one meter and 70 centimeters. It obviously cannot be called a giant. First picture of Jack Reacher with Tom cruise was released in 2012 and was very popular with the public. In the continuation of the film actor to act will not. Lil child apologized to Tom cruise because of his refusal, asked him to enter his position and not to be offended. Star screens has not yet responded to these words.