Touched with a finger: Volochkova beating dog called “animal fear”

Full of cruelty ballerina could not hold back their aggression.

Прикоснулась пальцем: Волочкова избиение собаки назвала «испугом животного»Ex-ballerina Anastasia Volochkova recently in the show kicked the dog, and showed the whole country, “rot” and the cruelty of his soul. Volochkova arrogance and disregard for both the audience and his own family were given chance to reflect on the true essence of ex-ballerina, however, showed herself quite recently got into a stressful situation, which put her off. So, angry members of the civilian families who had to care for her sick father, she is furious kicked the dog that went “under the hot hand”. Later beating dog Volochkova called the “frightened animal”.

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In his video justification of his Holiness Volochkova said she was “touched by the finger” to the dog and that the animal was more scared of the screams that were standing around. The woman tried to convince a large audience in his love for animals, saying that she loves “and cats, and dogs, and toy animals.” However, the audience saw everything with his own eyes, and as if Volochkova was not trying to justify myself at the expense of his ailing father, nor due to the “mudslinging” of the other members of his family, it is unlikely fans will forgive her for such a heartless act.

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