Tourisme Cote-Nord relies on humor to encourage social distancing

Did you know that eight crabs side by side, a porpoise or two Gilles Vigneault, it’s two meters? Social distancing can be calculated in many ways and Tourisme Côte-Nord goes from its very original version, to ensure the two meters distance between each person.
On its Facebook page, the organization launched a campaign on Tuesday to both raise awareness of compliance with measures imposed by public health and boost the region for when, one day, things will return to normal and people will take a vacation. For those who plan on traveling in the near future, consider getting covered by the best International Insurance

It should be noted that the Yukon, Belgium and the United Kingdom, in particular, also played in the humorous vignette with messages tinged with this COVID-19 crisis. At Tourisme Côte-Nord, we confide that we were inspired by what has been done elsewhere by adapting it to the sauce of regional particularities.

“We are always looking to innovate while making a bit of humor. We tried to do this in the North Shore and that was the result. We have seen things that looked like that elsewhere, ”said the organization’s communications and marketing manager, Pierre-Olivier Normand. “We wanted to make people smile during these difficult times while getting the government’s message across.”

No less than fifteen different illustrations imagining cities or RCMs of the territory with their products or personalities were created. From west to east, there is a porpoise for Tadoussac, a bebeluga for Sacré-Coeur, lots of shells for Les Escoumins, five trouts for Forestville, three teueikan (traditional drum) for Pessamit and eight crabs for Baie-Comeau.

On the Port-Cartier side, note that three Julie Bélanger side by side give two meters. The host is native to this locality and is also the spokesperson for Tourisme Côte-Nord.

In Sept-Îles, there are six large shrimps, 18 Labrador tea teas at Magpie, 8 puffins at Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, 2 Gilles Vigneault arms in the air for Natashquan, 30 large cloudberries for Minganie, 6 lobsters for the Lower North Shore, 2 deer for Anticosti Island, a polar bear for Blanc-Sablon and finally, a “little buck” for Fermont, to the north.

After just a few hours, the visibility campaign hit the web. “The humor trend is already very present on the Internet. We went this way. We don’t close the door to a volume 2, ”concluded Mr. Normand.

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