Toyota Camry or Datsun mi-DO: What to buy on the “secondary market” expert said

Obzorschik told which used car is better to buy with a budget of 370 000 rubles.

Toyota Camry или Datsun mi-DO: Что купить на «вторичке» рассказал эксперт

Expert with YouTube channel “Autotoc” said about buying a “Japanese” Toyota Camry and Datsun mi-DO on the “secondary market”. The price is the only thing that coincides in both models. “Camry” has traveled more than 300,000 kilometers, while the other “Japanese” the figure is less than 10 times.

The design of the Datsun mi-DO looks more modern than the “Camry”. The paintwork is not so much jammed, although a few long scratches can be detected even here – especially on the front bumper. The driver of the hatchback, the blogger, have treated the car very casually, in addition to damage to paintwork here you can find a loose the fuel filler flap and rear wiper which is not kept in one place: “If a dog’s tail is hanging out!”. Of shortcomings “Datsun” – a very cheap salon. The plastic is thin, rattles while driving, hesitates and leaves traces. But the driver like GPS navigation, which, in his opinion, is not worse than the much more expensive counterparts.

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Toyota Camry или Datsun mi-DO: Что купить на «вторичке» рассказал эксперт

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A Toyota Camry at first glance, the problem is much less – except for a few outdated appearance obzorschik allocated only rattling steering column. Salon – from design to equipment, “he gives a hundred points Datsun!”. Expert impressed that even with such impressive mileage the seats are in good condition, plastic is clean, no squeaks and no rattles. “The armrest of the large niche is extremely convenient. Space for rear passengers is full, though Gypsy camp move!”.

As for the engine compartment, here the “Camry” this is a distinct advantage. Minor repairs only requires a bonnet, but otherwise no complaints. Nothing flows, there is no need for immediate replacement of any parts. But the feel of the ride better on the Datsun mi-DO. Hatch “faster” competitor, quickly gaining speed, the suspension works out the bumps in the road better.

Toyota Camry или Datsun mi-DO: Что купить на «вторичке» рассказал эксперт

The expert concluded that the Toyota Camry and Datsun mi-DO has many both the advantages and disadvantages: “Camry need to take if you want reliability and comfort, and Datsun will suit lovers of fast driving!”.