Trailer de Supercondriaque : Attention, humor, Dany Boon can be contagious

Bande-annonce de Supercondriaque : Attention, l'humour de Dany Boon peut être contagieux

The comedy with Kad Merad, Alice Pol, and Valérie Bonneton, returns tonight on TF1.

Six years after the box full of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Dany Boon was in 2014 Kad Merad in Supercondriaque. Both in front of and behind the camera, Dany plays a photographer for a medical dictionary online. A fill for this hypochondriac, constantly convinced that he is suffering from the latest virus that is running. This confirmed bachelor harasses his doctor, who says that there is a way to de-stress his or her patient to the most faithful : help to find the woman of his life.

TF1 will broadcast this evening the comedy, which drew 5.2 million spectators in cinemas, and that he had laughed at the drafting of First, despite its history oddly constructed : “the pitch of The fourth feature film Dany Boon is enticing. The opening, booming and funny, takes place during a new year’s eve new Year’s day : a kiss on the cheek in the traditional (vector diseases) triggers a hurricane of panic in Roman. The situation comedy is slowly being removed, and the hypochondria, passes to the second plan when our (anti)hero addicted to the hydroalcoholic gel finds himself captivated by a story of a revolution in an imaginary country in the Balkans. Oddly constructed, as though there were two films in one, and of a duration of exaggerated, Supercondriaque sometimes plays awkwardly on several registers of burlesque the most visual in the romantic comedy, passing by the misunderstandings that are dear to the theatre. Getting lost a bit before finding. In the duo reconstituted Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, with Dany Boon in August and Kad Merad in clown white, the latter lack a partition built and supported. Now the main question is : rit-on ? Yes, but not enough.”

Trailer :

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