Trying to forget Galkina: Baranovskaya laid eyes on married Knightley

Julia hinted at feelings for the actor in the social network.

Пытается забыть Галкина: Барановская положила глаз на женатого Хабенского


On the eve of the already numerous sources have discussed that the romance between Maxim Galkin and Yulia Baranovskaya came to an impasse from which steam at the moment to go can not. TV presenter, apparently, decided time to lose, and therefore have together with the children goes for cultural events, looking for a new chosen one. Apparently, your eyes she put on one of the main actors of modern Russia – Konstantin Khabensky. The only problem is that the latter is married and he also, like Julia, several children, however, as could be persuaded, informed leadership is absolutely not stopped.

However, the impression is that Julia is simply all possible ways tries to forget Maxim Galkin, even in social networks, paying attention to other men. In particular, during a speech Khabensky she has published several emoticons with biceps, hinting at strength. This, in the life of Julia more than enough, but she wanted strength showed only a man and she could be as feminine and forget about everything. Baranovskaya sincerely hope that you will also be able to do with Maxim Galkin.

It should also be added that Yulia is not going long time to be sad after the fiasco with Maxim Galkin. The girl understands that right now while she is at the peak of the hype associated with this scandal, she should make use of it for purposes which it has set itself.

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