Two new deaths in Quebec: “The greatest battle of our lives”, says Legault

Two other elderly people died from coronavirus in Quebec. Six people have died since the start of the epidemic. And 1339 official cases, six times more than three days ago. “It could be the biggest battle of our lives,” said Prime Minister François Legault.
M espite less stringent criteria for categorizing cases and capacity increased testing remains that skyrocketing three days of confirmed cases of people infected with Covid-19 in Quebec proves impressive.

The official account of the Government of Quebec is released every day at 1 p.m. Online at and at the daily press point held by Mr. Legault, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, and the Minister of Health and Social Services, Danielle McCann.

Wednesday, with 326 more cases, was the third significant increase in a row, but also the smallest of the three. Monday was 409 new cases and Tuesday 385.

“We have greatly increased the tests and then the analyzes of tests, we now have 26,600 negative cases, 3000 awaiting the result. So when you analyze the numbers, when you take into account the large increase in the number of tests, the results are still encouraging. But the game is not won and we must keep our good habits, ”said the Premier of Quebec.

At the same time, he tried to convince us not to compare our number of cases with those of the other provinces, much lower. For example, Ontario has approximately half as many cases for a population of 14.7 million individuals, compared to 8.5 million in Quebec. The testing strategy is not the same everywhere, so any comparison is futile, he says.

Don’t die isolated

Quebec has 78 COVID-19 patients hospitalized, nearly 6% of cases, including 35 in intensive care.

Two deaths were added to those of the four residents of a shelter in Lavaltrie, in Lanaudière, last week.

They are still two people “of advanced age”, first revealed Dr. Arruda. Except that they did not live in residences or in metropolitan areas, he added.

“It means that even an elderly person who lives at home, who has chronic illnesses, because not all Quebecers are in seniors’ residences, there are lots of people living in their homes. That means they too may be at risk, “said the director of public health.

In addition to the Lavaltrie residence, where “the necessary measures have been put in place,” insists the Prime Minister, two other seniors’ residences in Montreal and Sherbrooke are battling coronavirus.

Unless death occurs suddenly, people who die from the coronavirus will not die isolated from loved ones, say MM. Legault and Arruda.

“When we know that the person, whether it is COVID-19 or other causes, is on the verge of death, we are not going to prevent the family from coming to see their parents for the last time. We will take the measures, masks for everyone, etc. ” reassured Mr. Legault.

This does not mean that older people can be visited.

“There are a lot of people who write to me because they want to go visit their mother or father in seniors’ residences. It really is not a good idea! The worst deal we want … There, we have three residences of elderly people who are infected, that’s where they are, our three biggest risks. And we have to stop it, we have to limit the number of residences for infected elderly people, ”he insists.

No walk for snowbirds

Another slice of the elderly worries, the snowbirds . Retired Quebecers who are preparing to return from regions further south, such as Florida, where they spend the winter.

“No! The snowbirds can not go take a walk outside! ” forcefully retorted the Prime Minister at a question asked on the subject in English, at the end of the press conference.

This shows all the fear that Public Health has for seeing these seniors, people already at risk, reporting the virus from the United States, a country strongly affected by the epidemic. And not just New York State, where there are a lot of cases.

“You are at risk, so you stay at home for two weeks, everyone who comes back from Florida or other places like that,” implores the Prime Minister.

“When we look at the results for New York State, we must also take into account that it is a state that tests much more than the average of the states in the United States. So, we can wonder if we had tested as much in the other states as we tested in New York, would we have the same situation that would be the same in several states in the United States?

“This is why it is very, very important, all Quebecers who return to Quebec from the United States, no matter where, you have to isolate yourself. You have to stay at home. You don’t have to go out for two weeks, because there is still a fairly large area in the United States. It is certain that in the whole of the United States, we have tested much less, all things considered, than here in Quebec, so we do not really know what the state of the situation is in all the States in United States.”

“Like a big anecdote”

For the most recalcitrant, the Canadian government put into action the Quarantine Act on Wednesday. Anyone who refuses to comply with Public Health guidelines would face a maximum fine of $ 1 million and serve up to three years in prison.

Powers that Prime Minister Legault is not yet ready to use. The police forces of Quebec therefore continue their work of information.

“We are not there, I believe, in imposing fines. But, we have the powers to do so. But, at the moment, we only want to inform the population, ”he said.

On the personal side, Mr. Legault says he can hold on. He plans to take his first leave since the start of the crisis on Saturday. Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault will take over for 24 hours.

“Life goes on. There is good news. I too had news of my family’s birth. We must try to see after the crisis. Our challenge is to say: we will tell this a bit like a big anecdote that happened during a period of our life, but we are able to get through it, ”he wishes wholeheartedly.



Quebec has two new deaths from COVID-19. Here are the main points of the March 25 press conference by Prime Minister François Legault, Minister of Health and Social Services, Danielle McCann and National Director of Public Health Horacio Arruda on the COVID-19 epidemic.

– Two new deaths in Quebec for a total of six

– 1339 people are now infected with COVID-19 in Quebec, 78 hospitalized including 35 in intensive care.

– “We have greatly increased the analysis of texts 26,600 negative cases. Encouraging Results “said Prime Minister François Legault

– Three residences for the elderly are infected. The probabilities are higher in the elderly to have “serious consequences”, recalls Prime Minister François Legault.

He again underlines the instructions: no outing for seniors in residence.

– “More and more Quebecers are following the instructions and I am very proud of the reaction of Quebecers. We must not stop, ”said Prime Minister François Legault.

– Very important for returning snowbirds to stay at home.

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