Ufologists are concerned: In Denmark, the witnesses noticed three UFOs

Simultaneously, three bright UFO was seriously concerned about the UFO in Denmark.

Уфологи обеспокоены: В Дании очевидцы заметили сразу три НЛО

Residents of Denmark from FREDERICKSBURG was horrified when, on 28 November in the night sky, noticed the three glowing object. People were unable to identify the flying machines and immediately captured them on camera, what to send to local ufologists. The resulting videos were seriously concerned about the UFO researchers who are already more than a year nothing of the kind in the country didn’t notice. The last time a UFO was sighted in November 2017.

Now ufologists believe that the activity of flying saucers escalated, not only in the US or UK, but also reached Denmark. Recall that the passengers of the plane over new York also saw a UFO.