UK will make Putin’s oligarchs really hurt: behind bars

Великобритания сделает путинским олигархам очень больно: окажутся за решеткой

The British authorities set out to learn the origin of the funds of wealthy Russians. It is reported RIA Novosti citing a source in the British National Agency for combating crime (NCA).

The publication notes that the Agency intends to test about 140 wealthy individuals whose wealth is in doubt from the British authorities. Much of this list is the Russians.

Великобритания сделает путинским олигархам очень больно: окажутся за решеткой

“Russians are not the majority, but a significant number. Also many people from other countries, including African countries”, — said the source.

Currently, Agency staff collect information about citizens from a list and asking them to explain the origin of wealth. If the suspect can not explain the origin of the money, assets and other property, they will be arrested. We are talking about all the types of assets worth more than 50 thousand pounds.

Великобритания сделает путинским олигархам очень больно: окажутся за решеткой

The source assured that the testing were citizens, whose state exceeds the amount of 50 thousand pounds — according to him, “we are talking about millions”.

“Being rich is not a crime, but these people have to explain the origin of their capital”, — said a source in the NCA.

The investigation for each suspect may go over the years. According to the source, the first results the authorities expect by the end of 2019.

Active in the fight against the so-called “dirty money”, including from Russia, the British authorities began in 2018. Then on the background of aggravation of relations between Moscow and London particular attention in the UK decided to give it to wealthy Russians, however, came from Russia, the authorities didn’t. Parliament in may 2018 approved a law according to which the authorities got the right to demand disclosure of the ultimate beneficiaries of any assets in the jurisdiction of the British, as well as explanations of their origin.

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