Ukraine has banned entry to the Crimea to foreigners with his hand

In particular the ban on entry were the Russians.

Украина запретила въезд в Крым иностранцам со своей стороны

The state border service of Ukraine banned entry to the Crimea with his hand for foreigners from 29 November. The representatives of the Ministry told journalists BBC News Ukraine.

The ban will apply during the period of martial law, which recently entered the Ukrainian government in several regions of the country. The guards said that special attention will be paid to the so-called “risk group”. First and foremost, on the Ukrainian side, it includes citizens of the Russian Federation. According to ban, the checkpoint from the Ukrainian side will be able to cross only Ukrainian citizens.

The Russian side, in turn, called the ban a violation of international law and a violation of the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Earlier in Ukraine the martial law was imposed, in connection with the incident in the Kerch Strait. The law has been implemented in 10 regions of the country. One of these regions – Kherson. It located border crossings – the Perekop and Chongar, through which you can get to Crimea from the Ukrainian side.