Ukraine told about the consequences of the Russian business out of the country

My opinion on this matter unveiled the ex-Deputy of Parliament Anna Herman.

На Украине рассказали о последствиях ухода российского бизнеса из страны


National darling told about the consequences of the withdrawal of the Russian business in Ukraine at the request of the Kiev authorities. In the words of Anna German policy in this situation should attract investment in the country because it is in poor condition and in need of financial assistance. Herman said that now is not the need to pay attention to where it comes from financial investments in Ukraine. She is convinced that the withdrawal of the Russian business in the country will end even greater unemployment and the crisis in power will only grow worse.

The MP recommends to replace the slogan “Away from Moscow”, which Petro Poroshenko is presidential election campaign, the call: “Away from the poverty and humiliation by the powers that be”.

First of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has sent a message to Poroshenko with the requirement to impose new restrictions on the part of Kiev against Moscow. He urged to stop the activities of legal and physical persons in the territory of the country. Foreign Ministry announced the severance of 40 agreements with Russia.

Relations between Kiev and Moscow worsened after the incident in the Black sea. Ukrainian ships entered the waters of the Russian Federation without permission. The crews did not respond to the warnings of border guards and behaved strangely. In the end the Russians had to arrest Ukrainian seamen for violation of the law. In Kiev reacted negatively to this event, and Poroshenko declared martial law. According to political analysts, the President went to such a move, hoping to stay at the top post for another term.