Ukrainian high jumper beh has established a record in Munich

Украинская прыгунья Бех установила рекорд в Мюнхене

23-year-old Ukrainian long jumper. Maryna Bekh set a personal record at the athletics competitions in the indoor ISTAF Indoor in Munich, Germany.

Marina with a score of 6.73 m set a new personal record in the premises. This earned her the silver medal of the tournament.

Until then, the best result in his career Bech was a jump of 6.71 m.

Украинская прыгунья Бех установила рекорд в Мюнхене

Gold medal in Munich has won the German athlete Malaika, Mahambo, which showed the result of 6.99 m.

Beauty Beloded

World champion in judo, an 18-year-old Ukrainian Daria Beloded, resting in the Bahamas.

On his page on Instagram he shared a photo in a swimsuit, which caused a storm of delight among the fans of the athletes.

Recall that the eng was declared the best judoka of the world in weight category to 48 kg.

In the updated ranking of the international judo Federation, Beloded, the youngest world champion in history, a leader with an advantage of 17 points in front of nearest rival, a female judoka from Mongolia, Urantsetseg Munkhbat.

Recall that Daria he won gold in the world judo championship held in Baku.

Украинская прыгунья Бех установила рекорд в Мюнхене

Daria Beloded

Thus, he became the youngest athlete who won the title of world champion among adults.

In the world Cup final in the weight category up to 48 kg he won the world champion-2017 the Fun of Tonaki that represents Japan. Ukrainian judoist won a strong Japanese technique of IPPON that brought Beloded early victory.

In the semi-finals of the world Championships Daria won the Olympic champion Paulo Pareto, which defends the honor of Argentina.

In the previous stages he was stronger than Galbato Undergone from Kazakhstan, Yao Xing from China and Dmitrii Krasnyi, which is Kosovo.

As reported by the portal Znaia the Bilodid triumphantly won the world championship.

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