Ukrainian leading “let’s get married” will give birth to the firstborn in 55 years

Украинская ведущая "Давай поженимся" родит первенца в 55 лет

Famous Ukrainian writer and film Director, 55-year-old Oksana Bayrak, this year plans to have a first child. She spoke about it in his interview Ah “KP in Ukraine”.

“This year I want to have a baby. I have already determined. In my new apartment where we are currently completing the repair, there is a playroom and children’s bathroom. Pray the Lord that this year I had my lease,” said Bayrak.

The actress shared the fact that wants a daughter, the name for which you chose in childhood – Elizabeth.

“The name I chose 3 years old when me dad from East Germany brought a doll that I named Lisa. A child’s feeling of motherhood has remained until now” – confessed celebrity.

Oksana Bayrak for eight years in a relationship with a certain trainer named George, who is younger than women for 23 years. The Director met with her at the shooting of “let’s get married”, but don’t like to publicly talk about it. Bayrak believes that “happiness loves silence and can collapse like a house of sand and fog, even from the uncomfortable breathing”.

However, it is recognized that still not married and “did not hurry to the registration authorities”. She said that the stamp in the passport does not have to be of great value.

“I always go for their feelings. But if suddenly happens in the mind or soul is clicking, and my inner voice will say “Xenia, how long have you ever had a holiday,” I’ll arrange a feast – a wedding. Although I would like not to I – I,” said the actress.

We will remind, well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Gorbunov shared in Instagram by the son.

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