Ukrainian Mikhailyuk played his first match for the tigers

Украинец Михайлюк сыграл первый матч за Детройт

Ukrainian basketball player Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk played his debut match for the Detroit pistons. 21-year-old Ukrainian helped his new team win within NBA new York Knicks with the score 120:103.

Украинец Михайлюк сыграл первый матч за Детройт

Mikhailyuk played 9 minutes, scoring 3 points and having one of the two three-pointers. Also Sviatoslav made 1 selection and made 2 assists.

The Detroit pistons officially announced that the club has intensified the Ukrainian defender Svyatoslav Mikhailuk. Club from Michigan was traded for a Mikhaylyuk Reggie bullock, who became the player Los Angeles Lakers. Also Detroit will have the right to rush the second round of the draft.

“The Lakers nation, it was a dream. Support was amazing and it meant a lot to me.

In Detroit! I can’t wait for the moment when I become part of the pistons,” wrote 21-year-old mykhailiuk in Instagram.

Sviatoslav mykhailiuk was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA draft in 2018 under 47-m number. For “lake” Ukrainian played 38 matches in which the average was up 3.2 points.

Mikhailyuk in the NBA

Ukrainian basketball player Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk scored 29 points in the game in the NBA development League.

21-year-old mykhailiuk stands for “South Bay Lakers”, which is a subsidiary team of the club NBA “Los Angeles Lakers”.

In the meeting with “Canton charge chrome” Ukrainian played 34 minutes, which converted 9 out of 13 secondary throws, 3 of 11 trehochkovyh and two of two free throws. In addition, mykhailiuk has committed four rebounds, two assists and made one block.

Still, the team Mikhaylyuk lost with the score 115:122.

Sviatoslav mykhailiuk previously played for “Cherkassk mavpy”. Last summer he signed a three-year contract with “Los Angeles Lakers” in the amount of $ 4.6 million.

Lane in the NBA

Atlanta hawks played a guest match against the Philadelphia Seventy sixers in the regular championship of NBA.

In the third quarter of the match Alexei Laziness played roughly in the attack against Jimmy Butler, who wanted to rush with fists on the native of Lugansk.

But there was a team of players, who didn’t allow the players to fight. T. J. McConnell and is dragged angry Butler away from conflict.

Note that Atlanta won the match with a score of 121: 123.

Brilliant game Svyatoslav Mikhailuk

Ukrainian swingman Los Angeles Lakers Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk played for farm-club of the South Bay teams, the Lakers and set a record in G-League.

In the match against Northern Arizona Mikhailyuk played 36 minutes, scored 47 points. 21-year-old Ukrainian has made 11 of 14 dubocovich, 5 of 9 three-pointers, made 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and made 3 turnovers and 1 foul.

47 points of Mikhaylyuk was a record this season in G-League and South Bay Lakers won the match with a score of 119:114.

Украинец Михайлюк сыграл первый матч за Детройт

Famous LeBron James, who also plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, eloquently retweeted in social networks write about the great games Svyatoslav Mikhailuk.

Great game Ukrainian Alexei Lena

25-year-old Ukrainian basketball player of the Atlanta Alexey Lang scored 12 points in the match of the regular NBA season against Cleveland. In many respects thanks to brilliant game of the Ukrainian “hawks” defeated the Cavaliers with a score of 111:108.

Lane appeared in the starting lineup the hawks for the match and generally played 23 minutes, 26 seconds. Note that Ukrainian basketball player also excelled on the court 4 rebounds, an assist and a block shot.

Add that to the previous match, Lani missed due to the injury from which he recovered.

NBA. Regular season

Atlanta Hawks — Cleveland Cavaliers— 111:108 (23:26, 34:25, 27:23, 27:34)

The Record Of Luke Danica

Slovenian basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks Onion Doncic in the match of the regular NBA championship against the new Orleans Pelicans set aikaline achievement.

At the age of 19 years and 303 days Doncic began in the history of the National Basketball Association the youngest player, who managed to put seven three-pointers in a single game.

Украинец Михайлюк сыграл первый матч за Детройт

Slovenia is ahead on this indicator D’angelo Russell, who scored seven three-pointers at the age of 20 years and 7 days, speaking in 2016 for the Los Angeles Lakers. Doncic was accurate in seven shots from beyond the arc on ten attempts and eventually scored 34 points.

Donica team lost a match — “bums” lost to “pelicans” with a score of 112:114.

Record Of Mikhailuk

Ukrainian Sviatoslav mykhailiuk, who defends the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers, played 27 minutes against the Washington wizards. This time was a record for a Ukrainian in the regular championship of NBA.

But the team is 21-year-old Ukrainian swingman lost with the score 110:128.

In 27 minutes on the floor mykhailiuk scored 5 points, had 1 assist, 3 rebounds and 2 steals, and made three three-point shot that was inaccurate.

The utilization factor of the Ukrainian legionary “ozernikov” was +8.

Украинец Михайлюк сыграл первый матч за Детройт

Effective Mikhailyuk

Last night, 21-year-old Ukrainian Stanislav Mikhailyuk helped the Los Angeles Lakers to beat out the Charlotte Honets with the score 100:128.

Ukrainian defender played 17 minutes, 47 seconds, scored 12 points (two-point 1/4, 3/6 three-pointers, 1/2 free throws) made 1 selection in defense, 4 assists and earned 2 foul. This is the best performance indicator of the Mikhaylyuk for the Lakers.

As reported by the portal Znayu Ukrainian artist Lani did a slam dunk and scored a three-pointer in the NBA.

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