Ukrainian teenagers invented a unique book: it is almost impossible to destroy

Украинские подростки изобрели уникальный блокнот: почти невозможно уничтожить


Украинские подростки изобрели уникальный блокнот: почти невозможно уничтожить

nuka is developing “eternal” notebooks and pencils, according to

Waterproof Notepad, its pages made of composite plastic that feels similar to normal paper, but much stronger.

From similar materials produce a fabric for billboards or packaging for detergents. Or money, for example, a memorable hundred-ruble banknotes for the world Cup in 2018.

In Notepad you can write with a pen and pencil, and when the place is over — erase old records with a special solvent.

In the future the project plans to release a mobile app for iOS and Android for OCR. It will digitalize notes from Notepad and make room for new entries.

Pencil full metal nuka: he leaves traces due to oxidation of paper. Thus, according to the creators of the project, not stachivaya, stays sharp, and they can write on any paper.

The idea

Украинские подростки изобрели уникальный блокнот: почти невозможно уничтожить

Украинские подростки изобрели уникальный блокнот: почти невозможно уничтожить

Украинские подростки изобрели уникальный блокнот: почти невозможно уничтожить

The team the idea: to find a material that feels like paper, but do not soak, do not deform and do not tear.

From August 2017, the team has begun to develop a Notepad. We started with the tests: tried about 200 samples of synthetic paper from different manufacturers with different characteristics, to understand whether it is convenient to write them with pen and pencil.

In parallel, they thought of the concept of “eternal” pencil. They were prompted to think about the information that during the Second world war, soldiers wrote with pencils made from lead bullets.

The idea of the guys liked it, but there’s a problem: lead is a toxic metal. They had to spend a few months experimenting and finding the right alloy.

The founders nuka began to turn in the laboratory by physicists and chemists, but according to vladykina, the staff did not understand what was required of them. And marketers could not make the technical project on the usual academic language.

Eventually they managed to find the optimal ratio. However, the team did not disclose the composition of the alloy, noting only that it consists of five metals, harmless to health, not deformed and not blunts.

They wanted to create a stylish and functional office that could be used every day. By November 2017, the team nuka was ready a prototype of a pencil and Notepad. However, it took them a year to turn them into products on the market.

What’s next

Now entrepreneurs have not yet started production. The team has to market the prototype — that is, single copies of the products made “anew”.

On the question of why during the year the entrepreneurs have not yet started selling, they gave two reasons.

First, the number of questions that need to be addressed, exceeds their capabilities.

For example, how to register a company, open a Bank account, to Finance, to consider advertising channels, content, social media management, media communication. This does not apply to the chief of product development, where needs far more attention and nuance. Every day we work to make the product, but a lot of questions. Nikita Vladykin

Secondly, the team nuka wants to launch the product immediately in the global market in the United States, not just Ukraine and the CIS.

We could launch much earlier than, say, a year ago, but it all depends on our purposes and plans. We want to be an international brand. We’re targeting the American market and want every person in the US had the opportunity to have our pad and pencil. Katya Michalka

Entrepreneurs have their plan to prepare a marketing campaign and to present the product on Kickstarter, collecting pre-orders for production.

Now they have about six thousand of potential customers who are interested in the product and left their contacts. The Kickstarter campaign will start on 26 February, set of a notebook, pencil and solvent will cost $59.

When it is completed, entrepreneurs will start mass production of the product — they’ve already found a contractor in China now to clarify the last details before the start of the campaign.

We are not afraid that China will copy us. If you are constantly afraid it will not work. We are working on future technology — we plan to build an ecosystem of such products for several years. We stand out from all its brand name and quality products. Our positioning and communication are an intangible asset. Despite any number of competitors, our customer will choose us. Nikita Vladykin

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