Ukrainian was the best in the European Cup

Украинка стала лучшей на Кубке Европы

Olga Abramova

Ukrainian biathlete Olga Abramova won the sprint race at the IBU Cup in Martell-Val Martello.

Abramov walked the whole distance without a single miss on the shooting range.

Украинка стала лучшей на Кубке Европы

Olga Abramova

The IBU Cup. Martell-Val Martello. Sprint. Women
1. Olga Abramova, Ukraine (0+0) 23:14,7
2. Kristina Reztsova, Russia (1+0) +23,9
3. Joanna Skotheim, Sweden (0+0) +25,1

In the top 10 came as Ukrainian Nadezhda Belkina, despite two penalties in shooting. And on the last lap Belkin missed forward two rivals.

Украинка стала лучшей на Кубке Европы

Recall that the Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny won gold at the world Championships in Ostersund, Sweden.

Украинка стала лучшей на Кубке Европы

Dmitry Pidruchny won the pursuit race in Ostersund, Sweden

Pidruchny became the winner of the pursuit, becoming the first in the history of the Ukrainian biathlon champion.

The captain of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny became world champion in the pursuit race. After two near misses in the first turn of the captain of the men’s team of Ukraine is shooting three in a row and finished first.

After the third shooting, the Norwegian garanichev Evgeniy had the handicap of almost a minute over the chasers, which also Pidruchna had four. The leader of the overall world Cup could well afford to make two mistakes, but no more. However, after three penalties, he is out to finish the second round, 15 seconds from Pidruchna.

27-year-old Ukrainian, who became the only one among the pursuers, who managed to shoot clean on the last turn, went all out on the last lap and not let jet Be-Junior. Pidruchny finished first and brought the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team the first gold of the world Championships!

Bailey Lowell this time won a silver medal, and Frenchman Quentin Fillon maillet won the fight for bronze at tarjei boe.

Another Ukrainian Ruslan Tkalenko with two penalties took 38th place.

Украинка стала лучшей на Кубке Европы

The men’s team coach of Ukraine Juraj Sanitra broadcast NTU shared emotions after the victory of Dmitry Pidruchna in the pursuit race at the world Championships in Ostersund, Sweden:

“Put this victory to all the people of Ukraine, all who have trusted, for all fans.
It was a gift for our work, for the work Pidruchna. Dima – a good, smart, intelligent man, he has always fulfilled everything that he said.

This is the best day of my life to Olympic medals with Pavol Horita allow such a result. The men win the gold is the pinnacle”.

As reported by the portal Znaia at the awards ceremony Pidruchny couldn’t control her emotions.

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