Ukrainians are “sent” Poroshenko in the trash for statements about the “dangers” of cheap gas

The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko once again brought countrymen to the tantrums of my thoughts.

Украинцы «отправили» Порошенко на помойку из-за высказывания об «опасности» дешевого газа


The President published in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram post, which talked about the “dangers” of cheap gas and compared it to cheese in a mousetrap. Poroshenko says all the promises of politicians before elections to reduce the cost of “blue fuel” are just self-promotion. The main goal of such propaganda is getting power. Poroshenko said that will not deceive the people and promises all possible ways to convey to people the truth.

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Deseve sire – only in Michalovce. Deseve gas – rosiysky klutz. Hiba scho luring Ukraine to cldi for this reason, it is possible vikonati fantasticno obrancu sniziti tariffs for gas VDC, Vtech, ABO n’yat rasv. Policy not zrobili godnic visnovku I znovu entered into zmahannya iz nerealna Obraniak, decibel already talkalot. Ale in the country of her Vdovin Vlad, SDATA before viborami, metrimate whether ACO Seeley attacks populists demagogs.

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In response to these words of the President, the Ukrainians sent him in the trash, saying if it was there for him. Social media users are outraged, as Poroshenko and his supporters have brought people to poverty. Nick said, do Kiev buys gas from Russia, but only at exorbitant prices, and through European intermediaries. Ukrainians reminded Poroshenko of its business in Russia, which he refused.

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