Ukrainians left without a favorite resort: if you value the life – donate tickets

Украинцы остались без любимого курорта: если вам дорога жизнь - сдавайте билеты

Ukrainians have warned against travel to Tunisia in the near future it is better to refrain – this is due to the risk of increased terrorist threat level.

Украинцы остались без любимого курорта: если вам дорога жизнь - сдавайте билеты

This was announced by the consular service of the MFA of Ukraine.

“In Tunisia, kicks off the tourist season. In this regard, we recommend the European Parliament to take into account the country’s security risks due to the increased level of terrorist threat, the likelihood of spontaneous protest actions and the like”, – stated in the message.

The Ukrainians, who decided to go to Tunisia or are already there, the foreign Ministry gave some advice:

– to show increased vigilance and caution, to refrain from visiting places excessive congestion, not to participate in protests, demonstrations and other mass events, not to enter into disputes with the local population on religious and socio-political issues;

– always carry your identity documents and the lawfulness of stay in Tunisia, strictly comply with the requirements and guidelines of local law enforcement agencies; to carry a mobile phone with SIM-card of local mobile operator;

– do not leave without having the place organized recreation, which are under the protection and supervision of the security forces, to limit movement during the night;

-to abstain from trips to Tunis vladv Kasserine, KEF, Sidi Bouzid, Kebili, Douz, Kairouan, Tatawin Medenine, as well as in the border with Libya and Algeria territory;

– when choosing a vacation spot to give preference to the hotels located in major tourist centres (Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Magdiya, Nabeul, Monastir, Tabarka, Tozeur, Djerba and the like).

Украинцы остались без любимого курорта: если вам дорога жизнь - сдавайте билеты

In the event of an emergency, security threats and the lives of the citizens of Ukraine should contact the law enforcement authorities of Tunisia (in person or by phone number – 197) and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Tunisia on the telephone (+216) 94 127 342 (working hours).

We will remind, Ukrainians said, from which countries it is better to refrain in 2019, because they can be life-threatening visitors.

As reported previously Know.Eeyore, before the may holidays, there is less time. And in 2019 they will last for five days.

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