Ukrainians relish jokes Prytula at the second national selection of “Eurovision”: poor drysch

Украинцы смакуют шутки Притулы на втором нацотборе "Евровидения": убогий дрыщ

Traditionally, fixed lead of the second semi-final of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest was Sergei Prytula. A leading national selection for Eurovision-2019 Sergey Pritula for the second year in a row, along with a member of LAUD conducts battle.

In this year of victory for the leading. In his opinion, the singer lacked charisma.

Украинцы смакуют шутки Притулы на втором нацотборе "Евровидения": убогий дрыщ

However, Sergey Prytula stunned all the so-called coming out, and said that in his youth was a fan of the group Anna-Maria, which was sung by Whitney Houston. Moreover, even now often looking for songs.

Украинцы смакуют шутки Притулы на втором нацотборе "Евровидения": убогий дрыщ

After the national selection Ukrainians apart the words of the leading citations, and 2019 second semi-final was no exception.

Look at the video all the jokes Sergiy Prytula in the second semifinal of the national selection:

We will remind, Prytula was involved in a scandal with Vitovska: false nipple. Showman responded to accusations in Facebook.

Recently Sergey Pritula stood up on the network for her friend, the famous Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovsky, which suffered a crushing public criticism for expressing their opinions in respect of one of the presidential candidates.

Popular entertainer noted that the culture of communication of Ukrainians in social networks is quite low.

As reported previously Know.ia, for several years the undisputed leading National selection for the Eurovision song contest remains a humorist, volunteer Serhiy Prytula.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about the fact that the participant of Eurovision 2019 Maruv told how to be a witch who eats and doesn’t gain weight. for the eyes she is already predicting victory.

Participant of the National selection of Ukraine for the Eurovision 2019 Maruv (Anna Korsun) recently became leaders according to the judicial decisions and people’s choice award.

Given the fact that her eyes are predicting a victory out of the shadows and began to talk more about yourself. Though previously silent – say, through their concerts in Russia.


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