Ukrainians showed a trailer for Metro Exodus

Украинцы показали трейлер Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

Ukrainian developers from 4A Games have released a pre-release trailer of the new part of the cult game series Metro. Fans immediately began to break it in spoilers.

Ukrainian Studio 4A Games released a pre-release trailer Metro Exodus. The corresponding video is published on YouTube on the channel metrovideogame. Now gamers who expect the imminent release of the game will be able to learn more about the universe in which they’re immersed.

Shooter was preparing 5 years. It will be the fourth part of the cult series Metro games based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Moreover, fuels the interest of fans the fact that the game was designed by Ukrainian developers, which can not but rejoice.

Украинцы показали трейлер Metro Exodus

Unlike previous installments, the action of the Metro for the first time, Exodus will occur on the surface of post-apocalyptic Earth, in the depths of the underground. Also, the game will be to observe the dynamic change of weather, day and night and even seasons. The game itself will show a huge number of locations, because most of what is happening in the game would take place on the train.

Recall that the company OnePlus harshly mocked Apple in a new advertising photo. Apparently, almost every manufacturer of Android smartphones have to make fun of all the shortcomings of the iPhone from Apple.

Earlier Znayu reported that the era of tablets has come to an end. Apparently, flexible smartphones replacing tablets from the electronics market. And this is not surprising because who likes to carry a huge tablet that can’t even fit in the bag. Much more convenient to carry a gadget that can be folded into a compact smartphone, but have the size of a full tablet if necessary.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft has named the date of death of Internet Explorer 10. Apparently, this version failed flagship use one, so support it simply makes no sense. Most likely, the browser will cease to get support from the manufacturer in early 2020.

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