Uma Thurman, The OA 2, the Good Doctor… to know Everything about the Series Mania 2019 !

Uma Thurman, The OA 2, le Good Doctor... Tout savoir sur Séries Mania 2019 !

The festival 100% series will be held in Lille in the Hauts-de-France, from 22 to 30 march.

A year ago, the festival Series Mania, put down his suitcases in the North of france, for the first time. And this year, it is at Lille and in the region of the Hauts-de-France that will take place the edition 2019. From 22 to 30 march next year, fans of the small screen have an appointment with you for an exceptional week, with screenings, meetings, events, signings… In total, 55.000 fans are expected throughout the event.

The official Competition

It will be again at the centre of everything. From around the world, ten sets completely new, will be presented in avant-première. There will be three sets in English : Chimeria, which interrogates the geopolitics polarized between the giants of the chinese and americans, including F. Murray Abraham ; Baghdad Central, an adaptation paranoid of the eponymous novel by Elliott Colla, and The Virtues, a social drama worn by Stephen Graham. Two sets of French will also be in the running, with Mytho, conducted by the father of Spirits, Fabrice Gobert and is embodied in Marina’s Hand, as well asEden, a co-production franco-German Arte, with Sylvie Testud, on migrants. Russia will be represented by the polar Identification, Israel will be vying with Just for Today, Norway will present Twins, with the star of Game of Thrones Christopher Hivju, Australia will be the series theological Lambs of God. And finally, Netflix will represent the USA with Chambers, one of his next series event, worn by Uma Thurman.

Netflix will also be competing in another competition of the Festival, namely the French Competition, reserved for the productions of the Hexagon. The platform will unveil the project, his greatest creation SF, for the first time, a few days before its release on the platform. France 3 will be represented by Suspicion, a thriller with Julie Gayet, Bruno Debrandt. France 2 will also be in competition in Lille with Double I, a police comedy, as well as The Last Wave, a great series of mystery around the surf. M6 show his side to The Grand Bazaar, a comedy about blended families. Lastly, Arte will present An Island, a thriller with Laetitia Casta, and Sergi Lopez.

The Jury of this edition 2019

He will be tasked to deliver the four major award of the Festival, namely the Grand Prize and the special Prize of the Jury, the Prize of the Best Actress and Best Actor, among the ten sets selected in the Official Competition. The jury of this Festival Series Mania 2019 will be chaired by writer american Marti Nixon, to whom we owe many episodes of Buffy, and who has recently created the excellent UnREAL. At her side, one will find the French actress ofA French Village, Audrey Fleurot, the writer-French Delphine de Vigan, the director and screenwriter FrenchHippocrates, Thomas Lilti, and finally the superstar international d‘Er and The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies.

The Guests of honor

As usual, there will be beautiful people in the Hauts-de-France this year. The very beautiful world. Uma Thurman will undoubtedly be the big star of the festival. The actress of Kill Bill will be in Lille to present its new series, Chambers, and to deliver a masterclass to exceptional festival-goers. The young Freddie Highmore also will go to the meeting to the public, to talk about his career which is already rich and his recent cardboard in Good Doctor. The two creators of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, will also be to Series Mania, to make a very exciting masterclass. Eric Rochant, the creator of the Desktop Captions, and Hugo Blick, the creator of Black Earth, the Rising, will give themselves up to the same year, for a dialogue of views of espionage and suspense. Finally, Yves Rénier will talk with the public of his great career, marked in particular by Commissioner Moulin, the series the longest of the PAF.

Projections events

Out-of-competition, fifteen rounds of the world will be offered in front-first. Starting with the season 2 of The OA. Expected for nearly two years by the subscribers of Netflix, the series will be presented at Series Mania in a month. It will also be seen in the North, the world premiere of Twilight Zone, the new interpretation of the famous Fourth Dimension, signed Jordan Peele (two episodes will be available). The exhibition also explores with curiosity The Red Line, the new series embodied by Noah Wyle, unveiled at Lille in the first world, as well as State of the Union, the british comedy that marks the return of Rosamund Pike. It will also be seen for the first time in France the great mini-series from the BBC, Les Misérables, with Dominic Cooper and Lili Collins, or curfew boot, action series driven by Sean Bean. Finally, fans of Clem will be thrilled to finally see the first episodes of season 9 new, before it is broadcast on TF1.

The actors meet the public

A host of actors playing in the popular series the French will come and meet festival goers, like Ingrid Chauvin and Alexandre Brasseur de Tomorrow Belongs to us. You will also see a few agents to ASK, with Thibault de Montalembert, Grégory Montel, or even Liliane Rovère, who will speak about Ten Percent. The young actors of the series OCS Great but that will also make the move before the season 3 finale. Finally, Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, David Mora, Marion Game, Gerard Hernandez, Amélie Etasse, Gregory Bonnet and Claire Chust make their famous Scenes of Households in Lille.

Authors of best-sellers in dedication

Michel Bussi, one of the writers, the most sold in France, will also go to greet the public of Series Mania, 2019, to speak in particular of the adaptation of An aircraft without it, his novel adapted by M6 in the series which will be presented to Lens. The american star Michael Connelly, well known for his saga of Harry Bosch, will also be in dedication, just like Delphine de Vigan, also a member of the jury.

A night with Game of Thrones

Other events in the series will dominate the week, as a big night of Game of Thrones. On the eve of the broadcast of the season 8 finale, Series Mania will offer to watch 7 episodes of the cult series (one per season). On the menu : “Baelor” (season 1, episode 9), “Blackwater” (season 2, episode 9), “The Rains of Castamere (season 3, episode 9), “The Lion and The Rose (season 4, episode 2), “Hardhome” (“season 5, episode 8), “The Winds of Winter” (season 6, episode 10) and “Beyond the Wall” (season 7, episode 6).

Full of animation in the Village of the Festival

Like last year, the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel returns to the Tripostal, and will propose many animations. There will be a space VR Experience, with a selection of bold and surprising new series of interactive virtual reality. Exhibitions dedicated to posters of the series, The Crown, or to the costumes of Game of Thrones, The Handmaid”s Tale , and Westworld. You will be able to take photos in spaces that are immersive, inspired by the scenery of The Big Band Theory, Casa de papel , or Ten percent. Or even make a Escape Game event, in 10 minutes !

How to get tickets ?

The opening of online bookings will take place the Tuesday 12 march. All screenings of the festival are free of charge. The booking on is not mandatory, but it gives priority to the audience without a ticket. In addition, this year, the PASS SERIES MANIA€ 15 you will experience the festival in VIP fashion, with queuing priority for all screenings, unlimited and without reservation, an invitation for 2 people to the opening ceremonies and closing of the festival… on sale as of Monday 25 February.

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