Unknown science the cave is of gigantic size discovered in Canada

Researchers cannot understand why nobody noticed, because only the length of the entrance to the grotto is 100 and the width – 60 meters.

Неизвестная науке пещера гигантских размеров обнаружена в Канаде


In British Columbia, Canada the Park, wells gray unknown science cave of gigantic proportions, informally known as the “Carrascoy pit”. According to experts, its depth can reach several kilometers. The official name of the cave not yet invented. Scientists plan to explore the area. Although a number repeatedly passed a lot of people, the cave was unnoticed and this fact is surprising geographers. They thought that such large objects on the Ground, and even in North America, long-known to science.

Some experts believe that the cave hid the snow. Half a century ago the area was much colder. Possible snow, and due to the “carelessness” of the surveyors, and ordinary citizens. Only 20 years ago the area became more noticeable. However, scientists have available a sufficient amount of time, in order to detect it early.