Unsuccessful attempts of a cat to pull the fish from under the ice umili Network

Video unveiled a few days ago Twitter user. Now it appeared on YouTube, Pixabay, and gathered thousands of views.

Безуспешные попытки кота вытащить рыбу из-подо льда умили Сеть


Floor Bronx in his Twitter account published a video in which ginger cat literally dancing on the ice, trying to get frozen fish. In the video the animal what not to do to get what you want: curves, jumps, beats paw on the ice, but to get the prey it did not work. A few days later the publication became viral: the video has been viewed over a million times, 50 thousand users put a note I like, and another 20 did retweet. Soon the video appeared on YouTube, which also has collected thousands of hits. Commentators have pity on the cat, and some even expressed the fear that this situation can negatively appear on the mental health of the animal, while others believe that the cat was just playing, there were those who compared the case with my life. Generally unsuccessful attempts of a cat to pull the fish from under the ice umili Network.

According to some media funny incident with the cat occurred in China. The video was filmed in Liaoning province.