Until winter came: the Filmmakers revealed five unknown facts about “Game of thrones”

This will help loyal fans to pass the time in anticipation of the Grand finale.

Пока зима не дошла: Киношники раскрыли пять неизвестных фактов об «Игре престолов»

Still no series in the history of mankind (well, maybe just “Santa Barbara”) is not gathered at the TV screens is the number of viewers as “Game of thrones”. Movie based on the works of author George Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire” was chained to the screens and monitors 16 million people. In the past year have shown the seventh season of the series, and then the creators put huge fans of pig – has postponed the premiere of the eighth season of the year. 2018 to become the true fans in the void that they fill as much less trendy projects. Filmmakers finally took pity on the audience and decided to brighten up their waiting until winter is not there yet. Users offered five interesting and previously unknown facts about the series.

First, it became known the name of the final episode of the eighth season. Critics have viewed the 80-minute film “the Dragon and the wolf” and was delighted. Not wanting to reveal details, they said: “the Final will be grandiose. It will surpass all expectations is the apotheosis of infamy and devotion”.

Second, the project initially claimed the magnitude and reliability even in the smallest details. For this was hired linguists, who gave the fans maleriske the language and dialects of dothraki in Westeros. Was created dictionaries that explained the essence of the grammatical and phonetic languages. Just been invented three thousand words without regard to word forms.

Thirdly, it became clear that the Americans are not the most loyal viewers of the Saga. The Israelis have shown the true wonders of fanaticism. “Game of thrones” is dedicated to a channel. All movies and shows it connected only with the world of the series.

Fourth, just for the sake of filming Riverina was rebuilt Tully castle. Local residents eagerly waited for the filmmakers will be removed too bothered them construction work.

And fifth, the most dramatic episode of the “Red wedding” is not an invention of George Martin. A similar incident occurred in the 15th century in Scotland. In the story he came as the “Black dinner.” The owner of the estate was cowardly murdered unarmed guests under the roof of his house.

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