“Up all night”: Buzova spent the night after dinner with the former

Last night, the singer spent in the company of ex-lover.

«Не спала всю ночь»: Как Бузова провела ночь после ужина с бывшим


On the eve of Olga Buzova, which is completely dedicated to his job, decided to set aside time for rest and deal with personal issues. The TV presenter visited the office of former boyfriend businessman Timothy Mayorova, which discussed the construction of his mansion. Along the way, Olga had to agree with my colleague Timothy of the search space for the organization birthday, which Buzova is going to celebrate on January 20. After solving the business issues, the company went to the REMY restaurant KITCHEN BAKERY for dinner after a fruitful mental work.
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«Не спала всю ночь»: Как Бузова провела ночь после ужина с бывшим

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In the first morning of a video that appeared in Stories singer, Buzova told subscribers how spent the night. The video presenter is deliberately obscured to hide his face. “Didn’t sleep all night. So better don’t show”, – said Olga weary voice. Why the singer didn’t sleep all night after dinner with the former, remains a mystery. It is possible that “a date” with Mayorov ended only in the morning, so Buzova simply does not have time to sleep before work.

Recall that Timothy Mayorov singer had an affair in 2009. According to rumors, the couple broke up because of the scandal with Grand theft auto. Buzova and Mayorova accused of lying to the stolen car, law enforcement authorities concluded that the couple lied about the theft of a car in order to get insurance. Last year Olga and Timothy resumed friendly relations.