Urgent! In Moscow brutally murdered with mother and brother Yuri Dude

Срочно! В Москве жестоко расправились с мамой и братом Юрия Дудя

As reported on the Telegram-channel Mash, of Moscow police refused to investigate the beating of the mother of Yuri Dude. Anna Stepanovna was attacked in the autumn morning at eight o’clock. The woman went to the police, but security forces the case off to the scrap.

Срочно! В Москве жестоко расправились с мамой и братом Юрия Дудя

“Rustle brought in a few months. Today, the police opened a criminal case under article 116 of the beatings”, – stated in the message.

Срочно! В Москве жестоко расправились с мамой и братом Юрия Дудя

It should be noted that the parents of 32-year-old journalist Yuri Duda – ethnic Ukrainians. Yuri himself calls himself a Ukrainian nationality and the Russian person – with feelings and citizenship.

Yuri Dude – Russian sports journalist and videoblogger. When he worked as chief editor of the publication Sports.ru Deputy Director-General. Lead author of the show on the YouTube channel “wdud”, he takes the often controversial interviews with prominent journalists, businessmen, cultural figures, and Internet policy. January 2019 channel has 4.5 million subscribers and more than 476 million views.

Recall that the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon risks is not the first time, dealing with the Russian media. For example, he regularly aired known for its cynical propaganda channel “Russia 1” – just to make it clear to the people on the other side of the screen: they tell lies of Putin’s aides.

Recently he decided to give an interview to Yuri Dude – this is what the blogger at the time, said a lot of interesting Ivan Dorn, then at home it began to glance askance.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” Dude showed his true attitude towards Ukraine.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Gordon threatened the famous politician: “I’ll rip out his Adam’s Apple, bitch”. A Ukrainian journalist said that will not stop until policies are not likely to answer for their actions.

Well-known Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon approached the Deputy head of the Kirovohrad oblast Igor Stepura of that on his page on Facebook wished him dead.

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