USA create a powerful ultrasonic weapon: the whole world is hiding in fear

США создают мощное сверхзвуковое оружие: весь мир притаился в страхе

Military-industrial company Raytheon will develop for the Pentagon hyperspace heavy duty weapons. The contract has been concluded, the weapons would be developed in the amount of 63.3 million dollars. This became known from the message a press-services of Raytheon.

It is noted that the agreement signed by the office of promising research programs of the Pentagon (DARPA). We are talking about further research and development of hypersonic cruise tactical unit Tactical Boost Glide (TBG).

This unit will be installed on the rocket booster. It is known that the rate will exceed five times the figure of Mach. When the block to separate from the rocket, you will be able to maneuver in flight to the target feature.

According to DARPA, the program TBG involves both ground and flight tests. The aim of the project is to develop a better managed and affordable camera.

США создают мощное сверхзвуковое оружие: весь мир притаился в страхе

“Hypersonic weapons will allow the US armed forces to operate over longer distances with a more rapid response and with increased efficiency compared to existing weapons systems”, – stated in the message.

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