Usain Bolt defied the car, with people already bored decided 50 meters

Усэйн Болт бросил вызов авто, с людьми уже скучно: все решили 50 метров

Eight-time Olympic champion and tenfold world champion Usain Bolt took part in a demonstration race at 50 meters in the capital of Peru Lima. The famous Jamaican runner was overtaken by a motorcycle taxi, reports Euronews.

The car, nicknamed “tuk-Tuk” 32-year-old Bolt ahead, especially without straining, running at an easy pace.

Support Bolt came hundreds of fans. At the finish of the Jamaican prozvishu on “the flash” said, “I didn’t know that many people, but I’m excited and it’s awesome to see so many people”.

By the way, the maximum speed of the motorcycle reaches 60 km/h.

Усэйн Болт бросил вызов авто, с людьми уже скучно: все решили 50 метров

The sensational victory of the Ukrainian snowboarder

19-year-old Ukrainian Mikhail Kharuk became the champion of the world snowboard Championships. Our athlete was able to perform better than main competitors – snowboarders from Canada, who took second and third places.

Michael Haruk was the best in the discipline parallelnyy slalom, according to the national Olympic Committee.

The event was held in Rogla (Slovenia).

Michael Haruka already tipped a bright future and compared with the Olympic champion on freestyle Ukrainian Alexander Abramenko.

Best in March

The captain of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny recognized by the National Olympic Committee for the best athlete of March.

As the press service of the NOC, senior coach of the Ukrainian team Juraj Sanitra received the title of best coach of the month.

We will remind, Dmitry Pidruchny sensationally won the world championship on biathlon in Ostersund, Sweden.

Усэйн Болт бросил вызов авто, с людьми уже скучно: все решили 50 метров

Dmitry Pidruchny won the pursuit race in Ostersund, Sweden

Earlier he received received an award from the Ternopil regional state administration, and was also awarded the “Pride of Ternopil”.

Pidruchny became the winner of the pursuit, becoming the first in the history of the Ukrainian biathlon champion.

After winning Pidruchny shared his emotions:

“Emotions are… Difficult at all to believe that I have a gold medal. I was counting on this world Cup to take some kind of medal, but I couldn’t even imagine what it will be gold.

Not only the beginning was hard, the whole race was very difficult. Honestly, I run down today much harder than yesterday and in the relay. I had some problems with the recovery after the sprint, because yesterday I gave all the power that he had and today it was quite difficult to get together and show the result.

Believed in the runway to the last, because I knew what today’s weather conditions and how hard it was on prisciliano in standing. In the women’s race too, with the shooting today was struggling. Every line, every shot – it was a chance to be higher and higher.

Very nice, and for me it is a great honor that I was able to “steal” from Johannes gold. Let’s see if anyone is still in this championship,” said Pidruchny.

As reported by the portal Znaia at the awards ceremony Pidruchny couldn’t control her emotions.

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