Users can expect iPhone 5G after 2020

The new 5G technology will be implemented much later than expected.

Пользователи могут ожидать iPhone с 5G после 2020 года

A new report confirms that Apple will release the first iPhone compatible with the 5G technology not before 2020. Earlier rumors and reports pointed to the iPhone in 2020 as the most likely candidate to add support for 5G. Despite the fact that the Android competitors are going to introduce new technology for 2019.

Citing several sources familiar with Apple’s plans, experts suggest that Intel is the most likely candidate for providing modem 5G, which will be built into the new iPhone.

Prior to the introduction of 5G technology, Apple was also noticeably slower than other phone manufacturers. At the time when he took 4G, which proved that the mobile Internet is also good, the company waited for some time before introduction into the device. At this time, other major brands have already introduced 4G LTE components in their devices, while sacrificing the size and mode of Autonomous operation. And the company Apple waited until the technology will become more Mature and thus made a smooth transition.

There is no guarantee that consumers will be as patient in waiting for 5G. But the company proved that for many years, its sustainability and popularity rests on top.