Users complained of a glitch in the YouTube

The error report in the video posted to the portal Downdetector.

Пользователи пожаловались на сбой в работе YouTube

The portal Downdetector is responsible for monitoring the work of Internet resources around the world. Complaints about problems with YouTube began to appear on 25 November at 22:00 Moscow time.

Problems during the broadcast the video was observed in 66 percent of users. 23 per cent of complaints accounted for the failure of the service. In 9 percent of cases, YouTube users appeared error during login accounts.

Errors in the operation of video sharing has been observed worldwide. The most common complaints addressed by users from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, USA, France, UK and Brazil.

Failures of service occur not for the first time. For example in Russia in April of this year, already had problems with work YouTube. Then users suggested that the service was influenced by the attempt of Roskomnadzor to block the messenger Telegram, which was blocked some of the IP addresses of Google. Malfunctions cause anger among users, as evidenced by comments on the website Downdetector.