Uses Anna as a messenger boy: Wealthy tormenting His younger sister

Buzova Jr. performs every whim of the famous relative.

Использует Аню как посыльного: Состоятельная Бузова помыкает младшей сестрой


Recently, in his account of Olga Buzova shared with subscribers of reflections on the theme of consumer relations, noting that her friend only for profit and PR. However, the singer, as it turned out, does the same – her younger sister, Anna, the artist uses for its own purposes.

Recently Olga Buzova had to give their Pets the father, as she was leaving for work in the Seychelles. For several days the singer is in Moscow, however, probably due to the employment of dogs the parents she still didn’t take. Animal singer, judging by a fresh video Stories, delivered today sister Anna, which, moreover, fulfilled the order relative, bought her some coffee. “So begins my day,” said Buzova, which was even too lazy to make coffee. Judging by that video posted recently, the day the singer started very late. While Olga was sleeping, Anna did everything for her. Sister even a little offended by the singer, as she long time did not come to the intercom, which Buzova Jr. had to be frostbitten in 15-degree frost.

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Busted! Lover hides from his sister #his #storiesboy #Vladim

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It turns out that blatantly tormenting His younger sister, using her as a messenger or aide. The presenter could get up early to pick up their Pets, and at the same time to visit her father, who these days looks after the dogs. Besides, Olga is very rarely seen with a parent who resents her for it. In the interest of Olga’s would be to use free time to meet with the Pope.

It should be noted that the shooting of the new collection of clothes Buzova also charges sister. Perhaps a post about barter relations, which recently published Anna Buzova concerned including Olga, which uses it for their own purposes. Offended at selfish sister she decided veiled comment on the consumer relationship with the popular cousin.