Vacation on the bones: the prison fortress turned into a hotel

Отпуск на костях: тюремную крепость превратили в отель

A former prison Mamula fortress, located on the island Lastavica, where during the Second world war, tortured and killed hundreds of inmates, to transform into a luxury resort.

The once-grim walls of this huge island complex was the site where more than 2,000 people, writes The Sun.

However, the Swiss company OHM Mamula Montenegro is ready to provide € 15 million to convert the former prison into a five star hotel.

Отпуск на костях: тюремную крепость превратили в отель

Mamula Fortress

In particular, in addition to the luxury hotels here are going to be equipped with two beaches, three pools, restaurants, bars, Spa-center.

In investment plans also the construction of a guest Marina.

All in all, the hotel complex will consist of 33 rooms.

The creators of the resort promise that the island will reign the atmosphere of the party. However, at the same time, developers are not going to disown its former glory Mamuli sad, so ready to build the gallery-Musa in memory of the victims of innocent prisoners.

Отпуск на костях: тюремную крепость превратили в отель

The concept of the future hotel

Sleudet noted that the Mamula fortress was built, the Serbian General and Governor of Dalmatia Lazar Mamula for the protection of the Kotor Bay from attack from the sea.

During the Second world war, there were approximately 2000 detainees, of which 130 people were killed or died of starvation.

The project, originally approved in 2016, has long been disputed from the side of prisoners ‘ families, and also groups of heritage “Barabaska initiative”.

The activists wrote to the government of Montenegro a letter with the accusation that developers are “destroyed” fortress.

There are also fears that the island will be closed to the public that the builders refuse.

Отпуск на костях: тюремную крепость превратили в отель

Mamula fortress now

“All the wells and tanks on the island will be saved, and on the West side of the tower, hidden by natural terrain and vegetation, will be the most modern desalination of sea water, which will provide all the facilities for drinking and technical water”, — say the authors of the project.

Developers hope to open the resort on the island in the middle of 2021.

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