Vera Brezhnev showed favorite positions in bed

Вера Брежнева показала любимые позы в постели

Vera Brezhneva

Famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who is building a career in Russia and is the wife of popular music producer Konstantin Meladze, who actively leads his page in Instagram and indulges fans with new photos. So, this time the artist was pleased subscribers a new photo, which appeared in bed in a Paris hotel.

In the photos, which appeared in the account of Vera Brezhneva, she appeared on the overview of the audience in a seductive manner in bed. Faith is sitting in bed on white sheets in a white terrycloth robe. On one of the photos she looks out the window, and on the second smiling at the camera. Her hair down and no makeup. According to the artist, photos were taken in the Paris hotel but that’s who it was a picture of Brezhnev pointed out.

“How I wonder how life… Today’s the first day of spring I had to spend in one city, with lovely people, but fate decreed otherwise, and I was in Paris… in your favorite @leroyalmonceau. But my heart is always with you, regardless of where I was,” wrote Vera Brezhnev. This publication does not remain without attention of her fans. But the followers have divided into two camps – some are happy for the Faith and covered her with compliments in the comments, but others criticized her for what the concert was canceled, and went themselves to walk in Paris.

“From the first day of spring!”, “The concert is cancelled, I called the box office, tickets can take up to 10 March,” “Pretty woman,” “How beautiful,” “Yes, this city was Tomsk. I had tickets for good seats, And we waited. Of course in Paris is steeper than in Tomsk”, “Tour canceled?”, “They say that it is the second time with Tomsk does”, “In the first photo I thought it was your daughter, Sonya”, “I Wish you a good rest in Paris! This is my favorite city!” “That’s cool. I would have wanted,” – wrote in the comments to the photo.

Recall that Brezhnev’s daughter switched. Fans noticed that the mother and daughter more like sisters.

Previously portal “Znayu” he reported that Brezhnev in latex forced to shiver any.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Brezhnev in a transparent outfit showed that she is not a woman.

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