Vesta apart: Factory defect LADA Vesta was struck by the owner

A disgruntled motorist has posted a video in which he showed how the falling apart of the new “Vesta”. The car can easily break the standard sound insulation.

«Веста» разваливается: Заводской дефект LADA Vesta поразил владельца

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«Веста» разваливается: Заводской дефект LADA Vesta поразил владельца

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New LADA Vesta car enthusiast bought recently, but already faced with a serious problem. Dismantling the cabin, he found that the factory insulation is split, is it a little pry and it is not necessary to use any tool. “Sly” is literally left in the hands.

Note that under it was the condensation which is very bad for metal, which can rot for a couple of years from this neighborhood. It will be recalled that AVTOVAZ zinc body LADA Vesta, but only outside, but inside the metal remains protected from corrosion.

In addition, the technology of galvanizing that are used for this model leaves much to be desired, but is the cheapest. The owner was shocked by the build quality of domestic cars. He noted that “the West” is falling apart and he wants to get this car.