Viber has got a night mode: how to enable

Viber обзавелся ночным режимом: как включить


Viber developers behind Facebook Messenger added to your app’s dark theme. Now everyone can use that in low light and reduces eye strain. However, this functionality will be implemented in the new version of Android and iOS. Viber decided not to wait for the release of the new OS for smartphones and implemented its own function in app messenger.

Such a possibility is implemented in the version of Viber To enable dark mode, open the settings app, and under “Themes” select the appropriate checkbox. Unfortunately, unlike Facebook Messenger, the interface will be not black, but grey. However, the school system can be improved, and users will be able to enjoy an unusual messenger interface.

However, it will still be pleasing to the eye and saves a little battery. To be precise, almost 50% savings.

Viber обзавелся ночным режимом: как включить

The updated app is already available for download in stores Google Play and App Store.

Recall that Windows Lite that will replace the disastrous Windows 10, to learn to work even on flexible smartphones. Apparently, the company wants to make an entire ecosystem of electronic devices, which will include both smartphones and tablets and computers. However, the release of the new OS is scheduled for 2020, so there’s a bit of a wait.

Earlier Znayu reported that Meizu Zero for $1,300 and will not appear on the shelves. It is reported that the company did not collect the required amount of money to release the smartphone on the market. However, public is not ready for such a revolutionary smartphone that got rid of the buttons, connectors for charging and headphones, and even speakers.

Znayu wrote that Apple plans to improve water protection in the new iPhone 2019. Now the smartphones can work under water, just reacting to the touch of the man on the screen.

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