Vice President of Xbox Naham players Anthem: tired of hearing the whining

Вице-президент Xbox нахамил игрокам Anthem: надоело слушать нытье


Mike Ybarra (Mike Ybarra), Vice President of Xbox-direction of Microsoft, on his Twitter stood up for the latest brainchild of Bioware — Anthem. The top Manager reacted quite sharply to criticism of the game from the reviewers and reviewers. Apparently, he believes that the game is just underestimated.

Вице-президент Xbox нахамил игрокам Anthem: надоело слушать нытье

The latter is also not left behind, resulting in under the post Ibarra had fierce battle of opinions. Adds piquancy to the fact that between Microsoft and Electronic Arts there is an agreement in which both companies should make every effort to promote the controversial project. However, to know, did Mike say that, or he just expressed his own opinion. In any case, the conflict has flared to enormous proportions.

Вице-президент Xbox нахамил игрокам Anthem: надоело слушать нытье

Initially, the scandal arose because of one story mission. For its passage was required to carry sixteen similar tasks in the spirit of “kill ten boars”. It is worth noting that the game is worth $ 45, and these missions free RPG heavily distressed owners copy of the project.

A Holy war broke out with new force, stated that the problem is poor supply mechanic of the game. As you know, in a vague interface in a shooter complain since the days of the demo. However, the game critics praised in 66 balls, and the players gave the project a rating lower.

Recall that the hackers managed usamature using voice assistant Siri. Surprisingly, the voice assistant did not try to resist, and complied with all of the team, which required hackers. With Siri you can hack the iPhone, and it will give access to paid apps absolutely for free.

Earlier Znayu reported that Sony abandoned the production of old game consoles. We are talking about the PlayStation Vita, which did not become popular among gamers.

Znayu wrote that Razer has been producing smartphones. Apparently, the smartphone was unnecessary to gamers. Those same devices from Xiaomi have the same characteristics, but are sold several times cheaper. That is why the company was unable to assert itself in the smartphone market.

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