Victor Koklyushkin told how his second wife helped him to stop drinking

Satirist visited the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”, where he spoke about his relationship with former and current wives.

Виктор Коклюшкин рассказал, как вторая супруга помогла ему бросить питьFirst marriage with lady Love SAPP was happy to have the daughter grew up and they lived in perfect harmony. However, one does not day the SAPP announced Koklyushkina that loved another. So go love was nowhere to go, Packed myself a satirist, in the apartment with her new husband, the SAPP has left to live, the mother of Victor, helping in the education of daughters, which at that time was ten years old. The pain of the wounds did not abate, and Koklyushkin drowned it in alcohol. That all changed when he met a new love – film expert Olga Zlotnik. It was she who inspired the satirist to change in your own life. For her sake, Victor went to a medical facility where he was treated for alcohol dependence.

The second marriage of Victor Koklyushkin son, Ian, who is now 34 years old. He is a graduate of School – Studio of the Moscow art theatre and works as a graphic designer.