Victoria Bonya in a slinky dress “burned” the second pregnancy

Eks-the participant “Houses-2”, it seems, will soon become a mother.

Виктория Боня в облегающем платье «спалила» вторую беременность


Victoria Bonya for quite some time is “lost” from radar of domestic show-business, but judging by her Instagram, her life is in full swing, she’s not trying to hide from the public. Currently she is in Dubai, where shares various photos and videos that tell about what is happening in her life. Recent pictures in Instagram was to make the fans impressed and once again to prove that Bonia is an undeniable sex-bomb, but everything happened as it happens in the network, completely different.

Instead of “licking their lips” dressed in a slinky red dress Boni, fans immediately stoppage began to talk about the fact that she visibly gained weight. In the picture, if you look, really, you can see that her belly is noticeably increased. Maybe Victoria had simply gained weight due to the fact that he stopped working out and going to the gym, but there are other hints of her pregnancy. For example, the star samento grew Breasts, which can also be a “symptom”.

Виктория Боня в облегающем платье «спалила» вторую беременность


From Boni, there has been no denials or confirmations of the conjecture of the public regarding the pregnancy. While she is busy celebrating its own birthday and publishes videos taken in Dubai, where she said the bright holiday in the company of unknown men of Arab appearance.