Vitorgan gave a real cry from the heart about her divorce from Sobchak: it’s all underground*Balo

Виторган выдал настоящий крик души по поводу развода с Собчак: меня это все подза*бало

Russian actor Maxim Vitorgan spoke for the first time about his divorce from TV presenter and a politician Ksenia Sobchak. This sends Clutch.

In recent time, the media do not cease to buzz about the breakup of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan. Between the celebrities broke out “Santa Barbara”: first there were rumors about the betrayal of Xenia, then Maxim has decided with his fists to solve the issue with her lover. Recently on the official page in Instagram Vitorgan for the first time there was a comment about the breakup with the lead.


“Dear friends, read me here, I’m sorry that you obrashaus! Here, as far as I know, prepared to leave multiple programs (a La Malakhov and other shit) on different channels relating directly or indirectly to my person. I know this from friends who had been calling all last week. Some even offered money for participation. And even I called some editor in an attempt to lure me into a program or write a comment to the portrait. So what I have to say: go to such programs as a guest or a hero to have verbiage about yourself or about someone I consider a shameful affair. I do not blame anyone: it happens, will force the need or want TV so that the urine is not, and the resolution just is. Is the choice of everyone. Today I am happy that you can’t see in these programmes people really close to me. It is, sorry for the pathos that is incompatible with their internal moral tuning fork. All the rest is only the grandmother at the door, trapped in the body of celebrities different degrees of flaccid (or limp – in a separate case) of media. If anyone of you have a desire to discuss it all in any context and any estimates I have here in very good – better than you and I retire, so I did not spend time on the ban. In front of the other – normal – people again want to apologize again forced to address this topic. Me too, it is all underground**Hello, as you can guess. But this infopovod life for another week or two. And then just have your. And live on,” wrote Vitorgan.

Виторган выдал настоящий крик души по поводу развода с Собчак: меня это все подза*бало

Vitorgan and Sobchak

We will remind, Sobchak came out with a new man.

Earlier Znayu reported published secret correspondence Sobchak about Vitorgan.

Also Znayu wrote, Vitorgan commented on a fight with a lover Sobchak and hinted at a divorce.

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